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We help take the guesswork out of lead generation

One neighborhood at a time is an innovative predictive data and analytics company. Using advanced algorithms and technology, we help real estate agents and brokers gain a competitive advantage by predicting and ranking the homes within a neighborhood or territory that are most likely to sell within the next 12 months.


Predictive Analytics

Radically increase your marketing ROI by identifying and targeting the homeowners most likely to sell their home.


Exclusive Customer Territories

Select customized territories that maximize your effectiveness and lock in exclusive rights to that area.


Targeted and Efficient Multi-Channel Marketing

Target the prospects in your area most likely to sell, ensuring you generate the best response rates in the shortest amount of time.


Lead Tracking and Management Platform

Track active leads, get instant notification of new leads via email, capture contact information, and more in order to convert prospects into new listings.


Now you can target only the homes

most likely to list next

Our easy to use marketing platform ensures likely sellers know who you are so they can call on your expertise the moment they decide to list their home. When you partner with us, you'll gain access to our sophisticated predictive analytics platform so that you can generate the most listings in the shortest amount of time giving you a competitive advantage in specific areas that matter to you most.


Our automated marketing system, which can be cobranded with your personal brand, ensures that you are contacting the right prospects, at the right time, with the right message.

Our PhD statisticians are constantly working to develop and perfect algorithms in an ever-continuing effort to improve our customers' results.


Once we've identified the prospects most likely to list, we market to these individuals and families on your behalf with post cards, emails, newsletters, and online advertising. Prospects receive multiple ways to contact you, including driving them to your website.

User-friendly online tools help agents convert potential leads into actual clients. Search by territories, date ranges, recent contacts, and more. Track leads through emails and phone numbers, contacts and replies.



We combine the latest data, trends, and scientific methods to find out which homes are most likely to list this year.
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